Press reviews

“Our conclusion: The new standard work about classical guitar playing techniques.“

Wieland Ulrichs in “Akustik Gitarre“ 5/2011 about „Technik der modernen Konzertgitarre“

 “If this course doesn’t make you finally try it, then nothing will!"


Michael Ruf in “Musik zum Lesen“ 10/2003 about “Saxophon ab 140"
This book was awarded the Music Edition Prize in 2003 in the category ‘School and Lesson Literature for Children’.

 “You gotta check it out!“


Wolfgang Haffner in “Musiker Magazin“ 3/2011 about “Pocket Rhythms for Drums“

 “This work is, on the whole, a small didactic wonder, in which the details are laid out meticulously. “


Wieland Ulrichs in “Akustik Gitarre“ 4/2008 about “An die Saiten – fertig – los!“

 “Rarely is it so easy for me to award the rating ‘recommended’”


Heinz-Dieter Willke in “Keyboards“ 10/1994 about “Das Piano Buch Basics“

 “What more do you want?“


Andreas Schulz in “Akustik Gitarre“ 1/2010 about “Let´s Groove! Vol. 1“