FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


  •     I have lost the CD for one of your books
    • In many cases we can supply you with a replacement (at a charge). Please contact us via our contact form and indicate the respective title (if possible with item number).
  •     I don't have a CD player / My computer doesn't have a CD drive
    • In many cases we can provide you with data for download. This is free of charge for you if you submit a proof of purchase and the purchase (no used items) was made no longer than 6 months ago.
    • Some downloads are available in our Shop. You will only see downloads if you are logged in.

Shipping Costs / Delivery Time

  • These vary depending on the shipping method and destination. The shipping costs and an approximate delivery time will be shown to you during the ordering process.


  • I am an author/composer and would like to publish something with you.
    • We are particularly pleased with your submission if you take the following points into consideration:
    • Please send us your proposal by email rather than by post.
    • Your message should contain: the manuscript, a short description of the project (synopsis), and a few key points about yourself. If you are not submitting a complete manuscript, please provide us with at least a few informative sample pages.
    • Please send file attachments in PDF format if possible.


  • We want you to be a happy customer! Should you have any reason to complain, we will try to resolve the problem promptly and in an efficient and uncomplicated manner.
    • If you have purchased from a dealer, please contact the seller first.
    • If you have purchased directly from us, e.g. via our webshop, please contact us using the contact form and briefly describe the reason for your complaint.