Vocal Basics

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Author: Billi Myer

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Read this book as a journey through a ‘vocal adventure’. The main focus is clearing through the jungle of countless questions that come up sooner or later for everyone who is interested in the voice - for example “How does singing actually work?”, or “Where can I find tips about what I should practice as a singer?”.

Questions which I would love to answer in ‘Vocal Basics’, for professionals as well as for beginners.


With ‘Vocal Basics’ I would like to offer the basics from which you can find your way to a care-free ‘playing’ with the voice. You will reach your goal of having a flexible and reliable instrument through creative self-study, including both vocal exercises and information about the history of musical instruments.


All exercises build upon one another and the experiences you get from each exercise are important for getting the most out of this book.

Have fun on your voyage of discovery!

This book is available in German only.

The way from speaking to singing

“Read this book as a journey through a vocal adventure” encourages the author Billi Myer, who has worked as a vocal coach for studio productions and as a lecturer for rock and jazz at the University for Music in Cologne and Hamburg.

Her book “Vocal Basics“ is aimed at young people and adults who want to engage musically with their voice, despite not having any ‘classical prerequisites’. In over 160 exercises, this book wants to give you the confidence to sing, doing without citations and superfluous terminology. A wide range of observation and feeling exercises, presented in visually well, are aimed at the singer's body awareness, personal experiences, and unimpeded handling of the most important "instrument".

The scientific topics are brought to the reader in an easily understandable way, with humour and popular expressions. In this way, the author finds an original, balanced relationship between two contradictions, which is why this book can be used in both subject-specific teacher training, as well as for general teachers.

Part 1 is completely dedicated to the voice, starting with breathing and the vocal function.  After the reader has learned all there is to know about articulation and articulation tools, the chapter ends with posture. The practical section is made up of eight chapters, including basic training without assuming any knowledge of notation, as the reader can manage the exercises for the most part without reading music. Here, it is about the sung tone, the sound of the vocals which are formed by the body, the personality of each individual and their own role models. The author gives the topic of ‘practice’ a lot of place in this book: here you will find tips for good breathing techniques, intonation and articulation with countless body exercises which can be done lying down, standing or sitting. The eighth chapter deals with singing multi-line pieces and prepares the reader for singing in a group. In the ninth chapter, the author presents various problems which may affect the performance of a singer, like for examine hoarseness and vocal chord nodules.

This book is a treasure trove of inexhaustible inspiration which is not just for singers, but can be used by actors and anyone who ‘works’ with the voice.

1. The voice, the instrument

2. The path from speaking to singing

3. The sung note

4. The vocal sound

5. Vocal range

6. Singing and practicing

7. How do you practice?

8. Singing for several voices

9. Vocal problems

10. The singer and the music

Billi Myer, born in 1959, studied classical singing at the University for Music in Cologne, jazz and rock vocals at the University for Music in Hamburg, as well as in Banff (Canada) where she has a scholarship for the school of fine arts in the field of jazz. In 1979, she was an award winner at the Federal Singing Competition in Berlin and, in 1981, she won the Phono-Akademie’s Youth Competition in the field of jazz. She is a lecturer at the University for Music in Cologne and Hamburg, collaborates in radio and television productions, has band and studio experience and is a vocal coach for singers of various styles, contracted by diverse record labels. She is also a vocal producer.