The New Harmony Book - Practical book for Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

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Author: Frank Haunschild

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This exercise and workbook with solutions accompanies the music books published under the title ‘Die Neue Harmonielehre’ (‘The New Harmony Book’). The first volume of ‘Die Neue Harmonielehre’ (‘The New Harmony Book’) was published in 1988, and the second volume in 1992. In 1994, the first volume was completely revised and extended with an additional chapter. A CD is included with this book, enabling readers to listen to the examples from the first two volumes. This is especially useful for readers who do not play a chordal instrument and are therefore unable to play the examples from both volumes for themselves. This CD is also useful for theory lessons at universities and music schools and for private music lessons.

An integral part of both volumes of ‘Die Neue Harmonielehre’ (‘The New Harmony Book’) is the exercises, which can be found at the end of each chapter. They enable the reader to practise what they have just learned and to use this knowledge in concrete situations. Over the last years, the publishers and I have received many requests for a greater number of exercises and solutions. This exercise book, along with the solutions, enables the reader to practise the contents of each chapter with a greater number of written exercises.

I wish you much fun and success reading, learning, listening and practising!


This book is available in German only.

192 audio samples with over 100 exercises with solutions

The two volumes of ‘The New Harmony Book’ by the graduate jazz guitarist Frank Haunschild, who is a freelance musician, teacher and author, is one of the standard works of modern, educational music literature. Above all, it serves as a text book in schools to teach the terminology of rock, pop and jazz music and builds a bridge between classical harmony teaching and popular music. Whether as a reference book or as a ‘music theory lexicon’ (as it highlights important musical terminology), this book is for every musician, whether composer, instrumentalist, arranger, sound technician, music teacher or pupil.

This practice book provides over 100 further exercises with an enclosed answer booklet addressing all chapters of the theory books ‘The New Harmony Book Volume 1’ (AMA No. 610101) and ‘The New Harmony Book Volume 2’ (AMA No. 610110). This makes the practice book an ideal extension to the practical work these music theory teaching and reference books offer. A CD also offers the extra possibility of being able to hear the 192 listening examples of intervals, scales, chords and cadences from the first two volumes. A comprehensive list of tracks on the CD helps to match the listening examples to the relevant chapters of the theory books.


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Part III: The Progression of Harmonic Elements

Chapter 1: The II-V-I Progression in Major Keys
Chapter 2: The II-V-I Progression in Minor Keys
Chapter 3: Changing Between Major and Minor Keys
Chapter 4: The Tritone Substitution
Chapter 5: The Concatenation of II-V Progressions
Chapter 6: The Interdominants
Chapter 7: The Secondary Dominants
Chapter 8: Turnarounds
Chapter 9: Mixing Major and Minor

The German-American Frank Haunschild is a member of the International Guild of Jazz Guitarists and is one of Germany's most sought after instructors and guitarists. At the moment he teaches as Professor of Jazz Guitar at the State Academy of Music in Cologne and as lecturer in music theory and ear training at the Jazz & Rock School in Freiburg. As a freelance journalist he writes his monthly column "Praxis" in Germany's most-read music magazine "Guitar & Bass". In addition he is a course instructor at numerous national and international jazz workshops. He has written three manuals, "Die neue Harmonielehre" (vol. 1 also exists in English: "The New Harmony Book"), that have become standard textbooks on modern music instruction, as has "Modern Guitar Styles" (in German) with play-along CD. Frank Haunschild is a busy concert artist, performing regularly in Germany and its neighbouring countries. Numerous CD's as a leader show his exceptional musical and compositional skills.