Adventures in Guitar



Jens Kienbaum


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A Guitar Method for Individual, Group and Self-Instruction

This volume is clearly in the tradition of the classical instructional material by Ferdinando Carulli and Matteo Carcassi (among others) who demonstrated to us at the beginning of the 19th century that when learning, the full sound of the guitar motivates more than a guitar solely employed as a plucked-version of a solo recorder.


This book is for anyone who wants to learn the guitar. The rich collection of songs and styles makes this volume ideal for people jumping into formal guitar study for the first time and as a follow-up volume for most children's guitar methods. I've also made excellent experiences with this method in groups. The advantage here is that the exercises are short and concise.

It was also important to me that plenty of duets for daily music instruction are included.

I want to wish everyone who is ready to embark on an interesting adventure lots of fun!
Jens Kienbaum 

Adventures in Guitar

Jens Kienbaum, who has worked for his studies of instrumental education and matriculation examination at the Cologne Music Academy with Hubert Käppel as a music teacher, has written with his first work a comprehensive (248 pages) guitar method that can be used in single, school and group lessons. The recipe for success of this school is because the students meet from the beginning the full sound of the guitar as a harmony instrument and they can hand it on a journey of discovery into the world of sound of the guitar. The school is divided into six overarching parts: Part 1 introduces the instrument, the first exercises on open strings and the first chord to be learned. 

Here, the student is guided from the outset to use all four fingers stop playing the chords and to understand at the theoretical level all notes as a vertical structure. In Part 2 the basics are taught by other keys and chords are introduced in the first layer. In part 3 the guitar player learn new accords with alternative strokes and simple change of position. Part 4 and 5 are reserved for countless pieces like a ‘Party Guitarist’ or for a classical performance. As a ‘Party Guitarist’ the student plays songs like Happy Birthday, Go Tell It On The Mountain, Jingle Bells or Morning Has Broken. Part 5 includes compositions from Matteo Carcassi, Fernando Sor, Ferdinando Carulli or Francis Kleynjans. 

Also as a result tape for children guitar schools is "Adventure guitar" an excellent teaching work, which at the end of the book provides the guitarist a basis to specialize in one style.

1st Part: The Guitar

2nd part: "Let's Get Started!" / The Notes in I. Position

3rd part: Enhancing playing technique / Now it’s getting adventurous

4th part: What else? / New conquests

5th part: A little music theory / Still an adventure

6th part: Appendix / Just in case


Adventures in Guitar







Studies in Musicology, History and Education at the University of Cologne. Studies in Music Education and Artists Certificate from Hubert Kaeppel at the Cologne College of Music. Active as a music teacher since 1974. Founder of the ”Frechen International Guitar Seminar” with Hubert Kaeppel in 1991.