Let’s Groove. Vol. 1

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Author: Frank Haunschild

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This new-styled series of play-along CDs with accompanying text book is characterized, above all, by the spontaneous pleasure it offers from the first moment on.

The CD

You simply switch on the CD and play along with it from the start. Anyone with a bit of musical background will quickly find his or her way and perhaps not even need the sheet music and information the book offers. You might even view it as a challenge to proceed without any assistance from the book and just play by ear.

Every song on the CD is presented in 4 different versions.

1. The first version is the only one without a melody. The drum and bass tracks are mixed to the middle while the guitar and piano tracks are panned hard right and left respectively. Using the balance knob (or by turning off or unplugging one of the speakers) you can mute the guitar (left channel) or the piano (right channel) in the first version of every song. In this way you can either decide which accompanying instrument you would like to hear, or you can simply play the missing comping part yourself.


The Songs

All the songs have been kept as simple and transparent as possible. The song forms are short and are thus easily and quickly learned by heart. The general idea is not to present complicated sequences, but more to emphasize the simplicity in the structure of music.

All the songs are here to be improvised on. The necessary info on improvisation can be found in the “General Comments” section. But of course you can also ignore this information and simply improvise by ear. In addition, each chapter has in-depth recommendations on improvising under the heading “Improvisation Tip”.


I will be amply rewarded if this carefully selected practice material inspires all the enthusiastic music fans out there to try out these pieces in their respective bands.

And I wish all readers, musicians, students and teachers a lot of fun!

Fun-Play-Alongs For All Instruments - Easy

The graduate jazz guitarist Frank Haunschild, who created a standard work for music theory with his first book “Die neue Harmonielehre”, has now written a new two-volume training concept.

The author’s own compositions from the first volume for beginners are genre typical and represent rock, country, swing, Latin, funk and acid jazz. The second volume for advanced players includes pieces in styles like funk, bossa nova, swing, slow blues, gospel, jazz calypso and rhythm & blues. Throughout, Haunschild cites famous classics in his compositions such as “Cantaloupe Island”, “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” and “Blues Bossa”.

Each song is presented in detail, listing the chords used, audio material, special song-specific particularities and tips for improvisation. A lead sheet for each band member is provided, with melody lines, guitar fingering patterns and the song progression (in C, Bb, Eb and bass versions).

The second volume is suitable for advanced musicians, who already have knowledge of the instrument, know about jazz harmonies and who feel drawn to the thematised styles of music. The books include so many different topics for practicing, meaning a musician can easily be busy with this book for half-a-year of intense practice.

All pieces are recorded live on the CD in 4 versions, so that single instruments are blanked out, which gives musicians the ability to practice alone without a band. All the pieces in both volumes present not only a successful form of practice and workshop literature, but are also suitable for public performances.


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The German-American Frank Haunschild is a member of the International Guild of Jazz Guitarists and is one of Germany's most sought after instructors and guitarists. At the moment he teaches as Professor of Jazz Guitar at the State Academy of Music in Cologne and as lecturer in music theory and ear training at the Jazz & Rock School in Freiburg. As a freelance journalist he writes his monthly column "Praxis" in Germany's most-read music magazine "Guitar & Bass". In addition he is a course instructor at numerous national and international jazz workshops. He has written three manuals, "Die neue Harmonielehre" (vol. 1 also exists in English: "The New Harmony Book"), that have become standard textbooks on modern music instruction, as has "Modern Guitar Styles" (in German) with play-along CD. Frank Haunschild is a busy concert artist, performing regularly in Germany and its neighbouring countries. Numerous CD's as a leader show his exceptional musical and compositional skills.