Die schönsten europäischen Weihnachtslieder (‘The Most Beautiful European Christmas Songs‘)




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The best Christmas songs from Europe: in this instance, that means songs from Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Russia, France, and England and the USA. The collection includes well-known as well as new tunes. In particular, the songs from eastern Europe will be less well-known. While, for example, communist Poland celebrated Christmas just like us, in Russia, the Christian celebration of Christmas was forbidden until recently. Instead, people celebrated ‘Grandfather Frost’ (who is similar to our Father Christmas) and New Year.


We wish you a merry Christmas and a lot of fun on our musical journey through Europe!


This book is available in German only.

For Voice, 2 Recorders, Guitar and Piano/Keyboard


‘The Most Beautiful European Christmas Songs’ is a collection of 25 Christmas songs from Europe: Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Russia, France, and England and the USA.  The verses of the songs have been translated without rhymes, so that the translation is as close to the original text as possible.

This Christmas song book encourages people to make music together. The recorder and voice parts and the accompaniment have been scored simply and arranged in a way that makes playing music together fun. Soloists will also enjoy this book, as a CD with a piano and flute accompaniment has been included. This book makes learning new songs very easy and aims to avoid any potential hurdles in note reading.

1. German Christmas Carols

  • Merry Christmas everywhere
  • Ding, Bell, tingaling
  • Menschen, die ihr wart verloren
  • Silent Night Holy Night
  • Sweeter the bells never sound


2. Italian Christmas Carols

  • Dormi, dormi, bel bambin (Sleep, sleep, beautiful child)
  • Ecco Natale (Now is Christmas)
  • O santissimo (O Joyful, O blessed)


3. Spanish Christmas Carols

  • Fum, fum, fum
  • Panxolina de Nadal (Run, dear Children)


4. Polish Christmas Carols

  • Bog sie rodzi (God has finally been born to us)
  • Dzislaj w Betlejem (Today in Bethle'm)
  • Gdy sliczna Panna (Mother Maria swayed her boy)
  • Lulajze, Jezuniu (Sleep, little Jesus)


5. Russian Christmas Carols

  • Malenkoj jolotschke (The little fir)
  • W lesu rodilas (In a big forest)
  • Ziw, ziw, kuriilkaa (fire shaving, live)


6. French Christmas Carols

  • Entre le boeuf et l´ane gris (There between the ox and the donkey gray)
  • Il est né, le divint enfan (Son of God is now born)
  • Les anges dans nos campagnes (In the fields the angels sing)


7. English Christmas Carols

  • Away in a manger
  • Go tell it on the mountain
  • Jingle bells
  • The first Noel
  • We wish you a merry Christmas