Das AMA Weihnachtsliederbuch für Gitarre (AMA Christmas Book for Guitar)



Torsten Jeratsch


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These 18 Christmas songs have been arranged for unaccompanied solo guitar. Eight songs have been notated with two parts rather than with three parts (as would normally be correct) in the interest of better readability. In these songs, the lower and middle parts have been combined: the bass notes should sound longer than notated, which should not pose any problems and normally happens of its own accord.

In order for the pieces to sound right, it is crucial that the part with the melody be emphasised. When practising or performing the pieces it can be helpful to imagine there are two guitars, one playing the melody and the other playing the accompaniment, being careful to hold back on the dynamics. Ideally this will then create the desired effect.



This book is available in German only.

Torsten Jeratsch studied electric guitar and concert guitar at The Hanns Eisler School of Music in Berlin, where he has also lectured. In his book ‘Das AMA Weihnachtsliederbuch für Gitarre’ (AMA Christmas Book for Guitar) he has arranged 18 Christmas songs for unaccompanied solo guitar. Students can choose pieces to perform from this collection of Christmas classics, from ‘Alle Jahre wieder’, to ‘O du fröhliche’ and ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’. The pieces are of medium difficulty and have been written with three parts. They can be taught in lessons, or more advanced guitarists can work through the pieces by themselves. The author has intentionally left out fingerings so that they can be discussed with a teacher, or so that advanced players can choose the optimal fingerings for themselves. The author has recorded all pieces on the accompanying CD, providing beginners with an impression of what the pieces will sound like.

  1. Come ye children
  2. Still, still, still
  3. Merry Christmas everywhere
  4. On the Christmas tree
  5. There is a rose sprung
  6. Good evening, nice evening
  7. Every year again
  8. Jingle Bells
  9. Come, ye shepherds
  10. Tomorrow, Children, just wait!
  11. Silent Night Holy Night
  12. O Christmas tree
  13. O Joyful, O blessed
  14. Let it snow
  15. Snowflake, whitedress
  16. It has arrived for us a while
  17. Sweeter the bells never sound
  18. We wish you a merry Christmas

Torsten Jeratsch, born in 1958, studied at the ‘Hanns Eisler’ University for Music in Berlin, majoring in electric and concert guitar, where he also passed his state exams. He works as a freelance and background musician, is a guitarist in various jazz duos and trios, plays in jazz big bands and rock bands, does studio work and composes music for television. He makes appearances abroad as well as teaching music (at the ‘Hanns Eisler’ University for Music, among others).