Authors: Ehmsen, Oliver J.

A Suitcase Full of Songs

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Language: german

Author: Oliver J. Ehmsen

ISBN: 978-3-89922-147-3

Authors: Ehmsen, Oliver J.

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5 years have passed since the author published his song book "The Green Frog in the Red Hat" (AMA No. 610366) and some new songs have come into being since then. Whether at school or in interactive concerts, children always ask: “How do you get ideas for songs?”. Often my answer is: “Through you all!”. When you work with children every day, ideas arise from lessons or daily situations which I come back to later and set to music. In this way, the suitcase of songs gets refilled regularly.

Nursery children and those in the first year of primary school especially love the songs about animals. You can also add movements to these songs.

In the chapter "Throughout the year", important dates in the year are captured in music. Depending on the occasion, they sometimes sound dreamy, sometimes lively.

"Me, You, We" depicts how people, big and small, live together in different situations. In particular, the song "We Children Have Rights" has proved to be a hit with children in choirs.

Anyone who regularly sings can see that singing is fun. In the last part of the book, you’re invited to try out songs like "Gummi Bear Hocket".

All the songs are sung completely on the accompaniment CD. The recordings show how the songs can sound when you perform them in nurseries, primary schools or at home.


This book is available in German only.

25 new children's songs for the whole year

Oliver Ehmsen, active musician (pianist, keyboard player and singer) as well as a trained teacher, has written two books with interactive songs for children, created through his educational work with children (e. g. in early years’ music lessons). “The Green Frog with the Red Hat“ (AMA-No. 610366) appears with the author at nurseries and primary schools and helps him out with lessons, and is also the title of the first book. The second book, “A Suitcase Full Of Songs”, offers 25 new children’s songs for the whole year round.

“Singing is fun“ and music promotes intelligence. In this context, the author has composed songs which invite you to sing, play and dance. There are separate playing instructions and sometimes the song text might require some actions. This concrete encouraging character is especially important for the author, as learning to express yourself and language are linked with listening.

The songs are energetic, lively, dreamy and full of feeling and offer a qualitative attractive music for all occasions: “Animal music“, “We’re making music“, “For each other – with each other“ or “Throughout the year“. The books are designed in a child-friendly way with pictures by Manfred Drechsel. While in the first book, the songs are only recorded on the CD with piano accompaniment in parts so that the teacher gets an impression of the sound, the second book includes recordings of the full songs.

The books also offer extra material for early musical education and gives teachers clear and descriptive material for working with children in nursery or primary school.


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The Green Frog with the Red Hat

I. The Beginning ...

01 A Suitcase Full of Songs

02 Welcome


II. Animal Music

03 Bo, the fat elephant

04 The dancing mouse

05 The animal band

06 The Little duck

07 Ka-Ka-Ka-Ka-Kakadu


III. Through the Year

08 Dressing Up

09 Spring is coming

10 Now Easter is here

11 Summer holidays

12 Today we’re going on holiday

(The Bag Packing Song)

13 Clouds in the Wind

14 We are the little rain drops

15 We’re going on a lantern walk

16 When winter comes


IV. Me, You, We

17 Best friends

18 Hey, hey, hey...

(We’re having a party today)

19 We children have rights

20 Red and Green

21 Hey, you – do you see me?


V. Children having fun

22 The Alarm Clock Song

23 We’re Travelling (The Train Song)

24 Pirates

25 Gummi Bear Hocket

Oliver J. Ehmsen, born in 1978, has been an active musician (pianist, keyboard player, singer and composer) since he was 9 years old. He leads many choirs for adults and children, as well as providing ‘join in’ concerts at nurseries and primary schools. He works as a teacher in Hamburg.