About AMA Publisher

Music soothes the soul
Music is a special and wonderful thing. Music is an international language - everyone can understand it and make themselves understood through it - it bridges cultural and ideological differences. Music is enjoyable and enriches our social time together, be it house music, in a string quartet, in flute lessons or as a member of a young aspiring hip-hop band.

Living by the motto “By musicians, for musicians”, the publisher works with experienced musicians like Jürgen Kumlehn, Jäcki Reznicek, Manfred Schmitz and Michael Sagmeister. New authors are always being added to our current cohort, creating quality modern music literature for the future.

We have had and continue to have the most unbelievable luck, being able to give our ideas and our creativity free reign in our work. A passion for music is what motivates me and all of the colleagues at the AMA Publishing House and it’s what drives us and makes us always want to give our best for our products and the active musicians who work with AMA literature.

Detlef Kessler